.Net Analytics Controls - Cumulative Sum

The Cumulative Sum chart show the graph of the cumulative sum of the observations/samples. Some of the features of the Cumulative Sum control are discussed below. Other features are listed in the documentation and API:


The Cumulative Sum chart contains both upper and lower control limits. This can be seen in the examples below:


Horizontal and Vertical Lines

The controls allow for horizontal and vertical lines to be shown that are aligned with the data points. This can be seen in the examples below:



The Cumulative Sum control supports a number of statistics. These can be retrieved at any point programmatically, or they can be shown in the statistics box. If you require a statistic that is not in the control, you may contact our Support department, and we can work with you in adding the statistic. The statistics that are currently supported by the Cumulative Sum control are:

  • Count
  • h
  • k
  • Mean
  • Standard Deviation